2018 - We Believe



We Believe 

What we believe is the foundation for all our actions.  Not what we say we believe, but that which we have fully embraced as essential to living a full and productive life, and is manifested in our lifestyle. 

Our 2018 theme is "We Believe."

As a church we embrace eight core values that shape our interaction with God with our fellow believers and with the world.  As a community of faith, we believe in the Accuracy of scripture, in Prayerful reliance on God, in Family life that honors God, in Serving each other and the world, in Creatively using our gifts for kingdom building, in Growing individually and corporately, in a commitment to excellence in what we do, and showing the Love of Christ to all.

Our core values are what grounds us.  When all else is changing and shifting our values help us stay focused. 

We are so excited about engaging our church family around these important values and most importantly to see the practical application of these values in our church. 


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