Small Groups

Small Groups 

Small Groups are offered in various sessions throughout the year.  



Mar 18th (Mon) | 6:30 pm | Small Groups Host Training (for all new leaders and co-leaders)

Mar 24 - Apr 21- Love Our City


Sunday, March 24 - Tuesday, April 23, 2019 

Donation: $20

As tragedies and social issues fill the headlines, the church seems to be nearly absent in the conversation. But we are called to be agents of reconciliation. Christ-followers are called to make a difference in their communities. Christ-followers and churches have the answer; however, it seems we've lost most of our credibility at the table.  

Love Our City is a way to build real credibility to speak life back into our communities.  

Our world needs real love more than ever before. Jesus told us that the second most important commandment was to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Doing an entire church campaign creates momentum and helps move people together out of their comfort zone and it helps them begin to make service a priority.  

We believe this could be the finest hour for the church to rise up and bring communities back together. Millennials are mostly absent from the church and leaving the church at alarming rates.  

Many of them think the church is not doing enough in their neighborhoods and they leave out of frustration, as they believe the church isn't fulfilling its biblical mission.  

Love Our City has the potential to become the largest engagement of our church membership ever. Our goal is to involve 80% or more of our membership in serving the community during the Love Our City Week.  

ShapeServing out in the community builds new relationships and raises up new leaders. 

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Contact: Rev. Darell Collins

Download the Life Group Listing here to locate open groups. 


At FBCCH we believe that God created us to live in relationship with one another and life-change happens in the context of a relationship.  It is our hope to see connection happen in your life, so let us get you connected to a Small Group Today!

Groups can meet in homes, businesses, restaurants, community rooms, and other locations indoors and out.



As a Host, you help fulfill our FBCCH motto of "Love the Lord, Grow the Believer, Reach the World."

Hosting and leading a Small Group is not about being perfect; it's about walking with Jesus and then serving others by giving people spaces to connect.  Our Small Groups are member-led by people from all spiritual levels.  

And hosting a Group is more simple than you might think!

Contact Rev. Darrell Collins at (727) 798-0569 if you have any questions or to join or Host a Group.


Download the Life Group Listing here to locate open groups. 

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