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03/26/2017Rev. Christopher Jarnegan I've Still Got Joy
Our Stories Nehemiah 8
7:30 am Worship Service
Download 04_I_ve_Still_Got_Joy.mp3
03/12/2017Rev. Christopher Jarnegan A Coat of Favor
Our Stories Genesis 37:3-4, 42:6-8
10:00 am Worship Service
Download 05_A_Coat_of_Favor.mp3
03/12/2017Rev.Darrell Collins Disciples of Jesus Christ
Our Stories John 13:33-35
7:30 am Worship Service
Download 04_Disciples_of_Jesus.mp3
03/05/2017Pastor Evan Burrows Thomas The Twin
Our Stories John 11:1-16
7:30 am worship service
Download 05_thomas_the_twin.mp3
02/26/2017Pastor Evan Burrows Show Me The Money
Our Stories Matthew 9:9-13
7:30 am worship service
Download 05_show_me_the_money.mp3
02/19/2017Pastor Evan Burrows Pure As The Driven Snow
Our Stories John 1:43
7:30 Am Worship Service
Download 04_pure_as_the_driven_snow.mp3

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