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04/19/2015Rev. Christopher Jarnegan INCREASING INTIMACY Increasing Intimacy
Marriage God's Style Song of Solomon 4:1-5:1
7:30 Am Worship Service
Download 04_increasing_Intemacy.mp3
04/12/2015Pastor Evan Burrows Deepening Desire
Marriage God's Style Song of Solomon 1:1-11
7:30 Am Service
Download 04_deepening_desire.mp3
04/05/2015Rev. Christopher Jarnegan I Have Survived
Easter Sunday Matthew 28:1-10
7:30 Am Worship Service
Download 04_I_Have_Survived.mp3
04/05/2015Pastor Evan Burrows The Empty Tomb What Does That Mean
Easter Sunday Luke 24:1-12
10:00am Worship Service
Download 04_The_Empty_Tomb_What_Does_That_Mean.mp3
03/29/2015Rev. Christopher Jarnegan Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1-9
12:00 Pm Worship Service
Download 04_Palm_Sunday.mp3
03/29/2015Pastor Evan Burrows Why The Cheering Stopped
Palm Sunday Luke 19:29-44
7:30 Am Service
Download 04_Why_the_Cheering_Stopped.mp3

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