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07/26/2015Rev. Christopher Jarnegan Don't Talk About Your Pastor
Pastor Burrows' 7th Anniversary 1 Timothy 1:3-7
12:00 Pm Worship Service
Download 03_Don_t_Talk_About_Your_Pastor.mp3
07/26/2015Rev.Brett Snowden When Jesus Is In The House
Pastor Burrows' 7th Anniversary Mark 2:1
7:30 Am Worship Service
Download 04_pastor_snowden.mp3
07/19/2015Rev. Darryl Matthews Handling The Storms Of Life Without Warningv
Amazing Grace Matthew 8:23-27
7:30 Am Worship Service
Download 05_Handling_Lifes_Storm_Without_Warning.mp3
07/12/2015Rev. Michael Neely How To Deal With Your Doubts
Amazing Grace Matthew 11:1-6
7:30 Am Worship Service
Download 04_how_to_deal_with_your_doubts.mp3
07/12/2015Rev. Michael Neely Secrets In The Storm
Amazing Grace Matthew 14:22-31
10:00 Am worship Service
Download 04_Secrets_In_The_Storm.mp3
07/12/2015Rev.Darryl Matthews What Type Of Crops Are You Harvest
Amazing Grace Matthew 9:35-38
12:00 Pm Worship Service
Download 02_What_Kind_Of_Crops_Are_You_Harvesting.mp3

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