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01/15/2017Pastor Evan Burrows Red Hot Passion: James the Elder
Our Stories Luke 9:51-59
7:30 am Worship Service
Download 04_Red_Hot_Passion.mp3
01/08/2017Rev. Christopher Jarnegan The Next Level
Our Stories Luke 17:11-19
7:30 am Worship Service
Download 04_The_Next_Level.mp3
12/04/2016Pastor Evan Burrows Finding the True Meaning of Christmas
Outside The Walls Luke 2:8-11
7:30 Worship Service
Download 04_Track_04_4.mp3
11/27/2016Pastor Evan Burrows To The Ends of the Earth
Outside The Walls Acts 13:4-21
7:30 Worship Service
Download 06_To_The_Ends_of_the_Earth.mp3
11/20/2016Pastor Evan Burrows Need Help Moving
Outside The Walls Acts 13:1-3
7:30 Worship Service
Download 05_Need_Help_Moving.mp3
11/13/2016Pastor Evan Burrows Black or White
Living Outside The Walls Acts 12:18-25
7:30 am Worship Service
Download 04_Black_or_White.mp3

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