40 Days in the Word


40 Days in the Word

They say it takes forty days to develop a new habit, to put a belief into action, to move from conviction to application.

In the next few weeks, our church will embark together on a 40-day campaign called 40 Days in the Word. Over the course of this campaign, our congregation will focus on developing good habits with the Bible, habits that can transform us to become the people God intended us to become.

Many of us have grown up hearing that daily time in the Bible, God’s holy word, is essential to our spiritual growth. However, a lack of “know-how” about how to study the Bible often prevents Christians from becoming self-feeders and from effectively applying scripture to life.

Christians with a growing, vital faith usually share these characteristics: they truly love God’s word; they are eager to learn from God’s word; they actualize and live God’s word.

How will we accomplish this goal? Over the span of six Sundays, you will have a chance to engage corporately in weekend services, hearing Pastor Burrows address topics relating to the Bible, such as: why we can trust the validity of the Bible, understanding the meaning of the text, how to study scripture, integrating God’s word into our lives, and more.

Then, you will have a chance to put the concepts shared in Sunday’s service into practice as you work through daily, guided Bible reading, as you apply specific Bible study methods to those texts, and as you record your observations in your campaign participant guide.

Finally, within the context of the Life group, you and other group members will come together, watch a supporting video and have great discussions. Our congregation and friends will be blessed and enriched as we go through 40 Days in the Word!


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