Embracing the Future

Embracing the Future

Spiritual Funding Campaign

Equal Sacrifice, Not Equal Giving

Why are we building? 

First Baptist Church of College Hill has existed for well over a century to grow the believer, aid the community and spread the gospel. Key to our ministry is our worship, edification, and evangelism. With the Embracing the Future scriptural funding campaign, we will be able to better fulfill our purpose and minister more adequately for many more years to come by giving us more stability and consistency in our ministry efforts. 

Our current building is also old and has it's share of structural issues and space constraints. Each day the Lord is bringing us more people and providing more opportunities for us to reach the community. There are 65 active ministries within FBCCH. Each day it is more evident that the growth in membership and ministries has far exceeded our physical capacity to adequately accommodate them all. 

Embracing the Future will provide the capacity for these ministries to do God's work while allowing our church to achieve a new experience in stewardship, togetherness and spiritual growth. 


How will we pay for it? 

Our vision and prayer is to pay for the new facility over three years, with little or no outstanding debt at the end of that time. This is aggressive, we know, but we strongly feel that the Lord would have us to be as debt free as possible. Without a large mortgage payment each month, our church will be free to minister and serve. The funds are being raised through the Embracing the Future scriptural funding campaign whose theme is, "Equal Sacrifice, Not Equal Gifts. 


How can I help? 

FBCCH members can help in several ways. First, be in prayer for our church and for this project, that we would be open to the Lord's direction. Second, if asked to serve on a team or committee for this project say "Yes and get involved. There is much work to be done, and the more help there is, the faster and easier it will all get done. Finally, be in prayer about what changes the Lord might have you make in your lifestyle in or- der to allow you to support this project with your time, talents and financial gifts.


What is meant by sacrificial giving and equal sacrifice? 

A sacrificial gift is one which necessitates changing our lifestyles, rearranging our priorities, and identifying something specific we can give up for the sake of the kingdom. And since none of us has the same resources, we recognize that we will not all be able to offer equal gifts. Everyone, however, can give something that is sacrificial. One of the basic principles of this scriptural funding campaign is Equal Sacrifice, Not Equal Gifts. 


How and when do I make my contribution to the campaign? 

It's not too late to make your pledge.  You can submit your pledge/donation anytime by competing a pledge card or placing your donation in a pink envelope.  You can also make a donation here