Adults meet throughout the week in Fellowship Groups to get to know one another and God better.  Groups range in size from 5-50 people,  Meetings can include conversation, Bible Study, Music,  Prayer, and much more.  We hope that each person has the opportunity to experience the strength in community and to grow in Christlikeness.  No matter where you are in your Christian Journey there is a fellowhip group for you.

Fellowship Groups

Bowling Ministry This Ministry comes together and Fellowship through Bowling.
Entreprenuer Ministry The Entrpreprenuer Ministry exists to bring together Business Owners and Prospective Business Owners to Fellowship, Network, and Connect with one another.
Health & Wellness Ministry This Ministry's Mission is to educate Members and the community in health care issues that have impacted minority communities in accordance with the Mission of FBCCH.
 Jolly Seniors  This is FBCCH's Senior Citizen's Fellowship Group.  Join this Ministry as they walk together in Christian love.
 Married Couples Ministry  The Married Couples Ministry is a Fellowship Group for all Married Couples.  This Ministry comes together for guest speakers, special outings, and Bible-Studies focusing on a Marriage the way God designed it to be.
 Single Adult Ministry  This Ministry caters to Single Adults, seeking to create a community to support, encourage, and enhance living as successful, saved, Single Adults.
 Young Adults Ministry  This Ministry is for all Young Adults ages 18-29 who are seeking to learn how to become spiritually mature.


Have Questions about Fellowship Groups?

If you have any questions about Fellowship Groups, contact the church office at (813) 248-6600.