2019 Shining Star Christmas Celebration

2019 “Shining Star” Christmas Celebration

Dear Ministry Leader,

We are preparing for a special Christmas event honoring you and your team!  We will host a Shining Star Award Ceremony & Celebration and we need your help.

Please complete and submit the attached forms (Ministry Roster & Nomination Form) to the Church Office on or before Sunday, August 25thso we can send out invitations to your Ministry Members and review your Shining Star Nominee form in time for the event.  

The Shining Star Volunteer Nomination Form is a great way that you as a Ministry Leader can honor and recognize a hard worker in your Ministry. Please take care and take time alone, or with your leadership team to decide who should be recognized.  We really appreciate your consideration with this matter. 

Please click below to access the necessary forms:

Nomination Form (E-File)

Nomination Form (PDF)

Ministry Roster (PDF)


Please contact the Church Office if you should have any questions or need any assistance.



The FBCCH Staff & Administration