At The First Baptist Church of College Hill, we believe God designed the marriage relationship.  He knows how best to build a marriage that will last a lifetime.  We value His word and what it tells us about marriage.  Adhering to God's word and the basic principles of  marriage outlined in His Word are the keys to experiencing the joy and fulfillment in our marriage that He intended it to bring. 

In ordered to be married by FBCCH's Ministerial Staff each couple is required to attend and complete the "Love For A Lifetime Pre-Marital Counseling Program.  Please note; all counseling and officiating will be conducted by the Senior Pastor unless otherwise arranged and approved by the Senior Pastor.  The following are the steps you need to take to begin the "Love For A Lifetime Program:

1.      Set up a meeting with a Pastor

To meet with a Pastor to discuss a possible wedding or pre-marital education fill out a Pastoral Appointment Form, or contact the church office.


2.      Attend the "Love For A Lifetime classes

The "Love For A Lifetime Pre-marital Class: Each couple participates in the "Love For A Lifetime class to prepare for their marriage.  This four week pre-marital class is facilitated by one of the FBCCH Pastors.  For the dates and schedule please contact the church office by phone at 813-248-6600, or by email at 


3.      Complete and submit the Wedding Packet

To begin your process, please take some time to read through the information in this packet.  Then contact the church office to schedule a meeting with a Pastor.  They will assist you with an individual plan for your premarital education and wedding process.  Each couple's situation is unique and the exact steps to follow may vary.  Our Office Staff does not plan the details of your wedding, but rather, they act as a liaison between the couple and FBCCH.